Thursday, May 2, 2013

What’s Acceptable in Society

After we watched the clip in class about the community in Indonesia, I brought up the point that the program, which was on the History Channel, an American channel, used a female translators voice in the place of an individual who was biologically female but identified as a male.  I brought up how I thought this was offensive that they choose to use a female translating into English what the individual was saying, how although this person was referred to as a he, they would use the female voice.  Society is so stuck on the gender binary and so scared to step out of their comfort zone and realize that gender is changing.  The media is very cautious to step away from their viewer’s comfort zone in fear of bringing the numbers down.  Society as a whole does have a long way to go in stepping out of  the norm but there should be more resources made available as a whole to make this information known.