Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is Hyperion the Best SF Novel Evah?

Just asking. I kinda think so.


Ultraviolet said...

Personally, i think this novel is up there with the other science fiction we've read this year. I agree with the point that you made in class; "if you were to choose one novel that would be representative of Science fiction, this would be it." This had the elements of greatness in it, with allusions to huge amounts of literary sources and great character development. however, i do think that Hyperion's greatness is shared with books like Neuromancer. the combination of both really bring together what i think science fiction is about. Yes Hyperion is the best literary and most accessible science fiction book, but when you desire something that contains abstract science with a great story that resolves itself you'll go looking for Neuromancer. bottom line, Hyperion is the common man's science fiction book, Neuromancer is the "geeky" science fiction loving, sci fi book.

lord running clam said...

Hyperion's scope and its errr all inclusive nature??? make it a prime candidate for greatest sci-fi book. I don't really like putting things that I enjoy into tiers, but I also acknowledge that things naturally work that way. I overheard a few of the doods in class arguing the case for Neuromancer as number one. I might agree that Neuromancer is the greatest cyberpunk novel, but it doesn't quite cover all of the fronts like Hyperion does and may not provide a full enough representation of the genre as a whole. I actually wouldn't take that stance because I consider Snow Crash to be the most perfected of any cyberpunk novel (that I have read), but you know what I am getting at.

Also, I thought that I would make sure to include that I am aware of and appreciate the magnitude of Gibson's influence on Stephenson.