Sunday, September 20, 2009

Armitt's views

Armitt's book was okay, but was extremely flawed. I do not believe I can really emphasis how very flawed this book was. To me, it read like an undergraduate paper done at the last minute in one draft from a very basic essay skeleton. Frankly, I hated the book and was very upset by it. When someone writes a book about other books, they should actually read the books they are writing about. On top of that, they should comprehend the book and its meanings. In "Lord of the Rings", Tolkien was very straight forward with his writing; there were few double meanings and those are clearly explained later on in the trilogy.

I find that Armitt has a habit of making a huge undergraduate mistake; stating a point, then giving one or two little points to back her opinion/point up, then just move on. Doing so just shows how little she seemed to have cared to finish a thought or fully prove a point.
Basically, I did not like this book nor would I recommend it to another person to read for class or for fun.

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