Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have just stepped into the world of fantasy, therefore I dont know much about it. When we first started reading Armitts book I wasnt even sure that I had read any fantasy literature. Once I started reading Armitts book I quickly found that I had read fantasy books. I didnt read to many of them but I had read a few. This is one thing that I found that made the reading interesting. I felt she had strengths in the books she suggested. She also however had a problem because she did use books that were widely read she also had a strong views on them. When she started telling her views there were some that I agreed with and some that I didnt. She said somethings that I didnt agree with at all. I feel that when you write a book that is going to be read by all different people you should not be throwing your views around as much as she did. This sticks more if you have views that are not completely correct.

I also felt that Armitt jumped around to much in her chapters. She did lay out in the beginning how things were going to go but there were also parts where things didnt seem to completely connect. When she jumped around all the time I had a hard time fallowing and couldnt alway make the connections she claimed were there. I understand that this is something new and that things are being found out about it everyday and that makes this book harder. I just dont believe that you should have people who dont completely know about the entire background feel that they cant read your book becuase of the way its laid out. I felt lost in her book for many parts of it. I dont think that formatting a book so it is easiest to comprehend is something that is hard for an author to do. I also dont think that it would be something that would be easy for someone who has done the studies she has and that has the knowledge she has.

These were a few things that I found that made this read hard for me. I feel that as a whole it really opened my eyes to a lot of things but there were quite a few flaws with it as well. I would not recommend this book to anyone. I feel that there has to be a better book out there and between the skewed views on certain books and the format it was almost torture to read it. There were a few simple things that could have been changed and wouldnt take away from the content they are trying to prove.

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