Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why Charlie Brown is the Greatest American Superhero.

This weekend, while searching for ways to connect with our text, a fantastic opportunity presented itself on campus. An unauthorized parody of the Peanuts comic strip entitiled Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead debuted. ( for more details) .

I do not normally get the opportunity to attend school functions, but since another one of america's greatest heroes (the grandmother) has whisked one of my children away to Disney for the week while I get to sit here with you because I'm behind in school work, I was down one child. ...By the know that whole "you can't go outside and play until your homework is done" thing your parents used to pull?? Yeah...WHOLE NEW LEVEL

So, anyway..I had some company in from Pittsburgh this weekend as well, so considering I needed to entertain him, and I needed to get work done, when I heard about this "production" I was elated. Luckily yet another of America's greatest superheros "The Poor College Student (I'm an Early Ed Major and Need Cash) babysitter" answered the call. (By the way..casting for this part is done on a regular basis. See me. I'm ALWAYS on the look out for next semesters star player since mine seem to keep graduating..)

I a discussion with Christine in class we were talking about the definition of superhero and one opinion was that a superhero helps us to relate to issues and events that are going on around us. In Dog Sees God "CB" and pals are teenagers in all of their dysfunctional glory dealing with, among other things, repressed homosexuality, suicide, eating disorders, drug use, "the Meaning of Life", teen violence and rebellion and most importantly rabies. I'm totally not making this shit up...It's TO GOOD for me to have made up.

"CB" is MY hero however because this play, other than providing me the ever illusive muse, served serveral other purposes. As it turns out my company had NEVER been to a play. Not only that but he is a (gasp) homophobe..probably why he had never been to a play. We were doing great with Linus being a Stoner, PigPen now a Jock with OCD, Peppermint Patty and Marcie getting drunk at the lunch table (and by the way running threesomes on Pigpen..REALLY NOT MAKING THIS UP) and Lucy safely tucked away in an insane asylum after setting "the red headed girls" hair on fire ,when a little ways into the production there was some hot man love action between CB and "Beethoven". I thought for sure I was never gonna hear the end of it. Well guess what? He laughed. Maybe it was the Budweiser we were drinking before, or the fact that in Bartlett Theater there is no where to run, or just shock, but he laughed. Afterwords at BJs when we discovered too late it was Alumni weekend and women buying drinks with their first Social Security Check were hitting on him, he also didn't freak out.

I think Good Ole Charlie Brown put everything in perspective for a sheltered guy from Butler PA. I definately think Charlie Saved the day and is therefore at least My Greatest American Hero.

P.S. GOOD GRIEF WRITERS FOR TADA a "little" warning on the man love next time so I can bring some ladies with me who might enjoy it..haha

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