Sunday, October 11, 2009

syfy channel

In our recent discussions of science fiction I feel that it is imparative that I talk about the science fiction channel. They have recently changed their name to syfy. This however does not make me believe that they are doing any better in the action of making movies.

The movies shown on the syfy channel were never really great but at least they were movies that most people would watch. Lately however I feel that the movies have been lacking greatly in thier appeal. They keep getting worse in their production and have become extremely predictable in their plot. The movies obviously are low budget but that doesnt mean they have to lack completely in the movies. There are things that happen in these new movies that I am just like what the heck is that?!? They show these creatures that are supposed to be scary and to me look like my dog dressed up for halloween.

Now dont get me wrong some of the movies are good and I do watch. The movies that are traditional such as any good vampire movie or movies about what bumps in the night. Even some of thier alien movies are decent. It is the recent rise to movies that have creatures taking over the earth that I find most lacking. These movies have creatures that seem to be scary then once you see them it is just a complete let down.

I also find that movies of these sorts are also very predictable in thier plot. They show different movies that have the same outcome. I am not surprised because it is hard to come up with things that are new. There are many different things that could happen but it ushally turns out that everyone except are select few die. This leaves little for me to imagine. For once it wouldnt be half bad if they either all lived or all died. I know there are some movies that this happens but after the recent trend I refuse to watch anymore.

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