Friday, July 8, 2016

Guccifer 2.0 and SF

Fans of everything from Orson Scott Card's Ender series to Ken MacLeod's The Execution Channel to Cory Doctorow's SF should be following the Guccifer 2.0 story, but, as I pointed out last night at a few of my blogs, simple google searches on the subject are yielding weird results.  How is it possible that posts of mine that haven't even received 35 page views in their first 12 hours of existence are showing up higher on standard google searches than any of the many, much more interesting posts on the subject by Studio Dongo?  Just how is it that my completely neglected, always lo-traffic blogs show up at all while his don't show up unless you're explicitly looking for them?

This sounds like an SF scenario, right?  I can understand corporate media being interested in selling only a few narratives about Guccifer 2.0, but I used to be able to count on google to help me find alternatives.  But there's not even any interestingly crazy conspiracy theorizing showing up.  In that vacuum, it's easy for my posts to stand out, I suppose.  But, by that logic, wouldn't anybody else's, too?  If so, why are they so hard to find?

I don't have anything but questions at this point.  Anyone have any answers?

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