Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm really glad that we got to read a really basic introductory book for the film part of our class. I'm also glad that we got to hear from outside sources and their experience with film. I never really about what goes into making a movie, and what certain elements go into making a viewer feel a certain emotion at a certain time.

I have seen a lot of different types of movies and documentaries, and I never once thought about how the music influences you to feel a certain way about what may be going on between the characters. I recently watched a movie entitled There Will Be Blood which is about an oil-man and his son, H.W. It starts in the early 1900s and skips ahead a lot in the first half an hour or so. There were some pretty traumatic things that happened in the beginning, but because the director didn't give you a long enough chance to get to know, or connect with the characters, you don't feel as much emotion when bad things happen to them. This particular movie used a lot of popular classical music as well instead of having music composed for the film.

I'm glad that we had a good introductory book to read for the film portion of the class because it's easy to understand and went well with the time period we had to discuss film.

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