Monday, November 23, 2009

Science fiction meets fantasy fiction?

The book The Journey to the Center of the Earth has seemed to stick out to me as merging science fiction with fantasy fiction. There are many scenarios and situations in the book that can be viewed in both lights to me. While some of it is a definite stretch of science and the laws and theories it has created, the rest is purely based out of the imagination.

For example, it is clear that Jules Verne has done his research in knowing the different rock layers of earth, as he uses them to portray the different time periods in his story. Also the story contains ideas such as translating old languages like Latin, which is completely possible within the realms of knowledge. In these aspects, the book is clearly a science fiction book, but there are also factors that throw a wrench into the gears.

As the travelers go through each geological layer, they encounter the living creatures of that time. This is about as possible as there being a middle-earth. To use a logical worldly explaination to justify seperate worlds at seperate rock layers is proposterous. This is where I believe that the book has a touch of fantasy.

We all know that science fiction is simply defined as a genre where the imaginary elements in the story are very much possible within scientific boundries. Fantasy fiction, on the other hand, is a genre where the plot is based on no factual information, in most cases creating its own laws and sciences, very loosly based on our own. This is why I find it strange that a book should merge these 2 ideas. Yet, it seems apparent that this novel has done so. This is just my thought though. What do you think? Is this story from 1864 one of the early mergers between science and fantasy?

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