Friday, November 27, 2009


With the rising of the internet everyone has been wondering whats going to happen with TV. In class we discussed whether or not the TV is going to stay around or eventually die. I belive that it could go either way. The TV has been around a lot longer then the internet and it is still growing, now that you can pause, rewind, fast forward, record etc. the TV is much more pleasureable you can always find something on with demand, no one likes commericals so you can just skip right through them, and if you have something else going its very simple to just record your show and watch it later. On the other hand you still have to buy the equpiment to do this and hook it up to the TV. When instead you can just go online and watch the TV show you missed.

Computers are growing you can watch full TV shows on the internet, and the screens are being made larger for this very reason too. Movies a simple DVD you can pop right into the computer and watch it without hassling with the remote. This is sensible for newer gentertaions but older generations who don't know how to use a computer having no TV just doesn't make sense. The other problem with watching TV shows online is that its not so demand you have to wait a day or two after it airs in order to watch it online.

TV's are stuggling hard to beat the internet watching generation by making TV screens massive, and even now you can projectors in your home just like at a movie theatre almost and the way the television is evolving it might just be possible that it will make it through the internet generation just like radio is making due.

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