Sunday, November 22, 2009

Television will last forever

In the issue of Death vs. Revolution with TV, I think television will exist for as long as human kind does. I don’t think it would or ever could die because I don’t think us, viewers would let it. We’re too dependent on it. We use it to watch our favorite comedy shows, chick flicks, the news (which is much easier than reading the paper), etc. It continually changes and advances just like any form of technology.

Take cell phones for example. Companies are always thinking of new, “better” models or designs to attract us consumers. My first phone did the basic – calling and texting. My second phone was a step higher than that. It actually took pictures. When I got my razor, I learned that it could play music on top of everything else! Now, I have a phone with a touch screen. As time goes on, of course technology becomes more advanced. But the main purpose for all of the different cell phones out there is to contact someone. It’s the same with TV. The first televisions made in black and white did the same job as the HD TV’s do today. Its main purpose is to provide entertainment.

Years from now, television screens may not physically look exactly like they do today, but I think the same concept of TV will be the same. We may even be able to purchase only the channels we want. As our needs and wants change, so will television itself. Technology continues to change and will keep changing forever.

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