Monday, November 30, 2009

My experience with Fantasy

When we began our fantasy section at the beginning of the semester, i wasn't really thrilled that we would be reading LOTR. I feel that as an adult, I've become less interested in the fantasy genre than as a child. One of my favorite authors when I was younger was Roald Dahl who writes some amazing fantasy books. I also read a lot of classic books like James and the Giant Peach, and Where the Wild Things are. I could not get enough of that stuff as a kid, and reading books about fantasy really inspired me to write my some of my own stories.

I feel like as I've grown older, fantasy has not been as interesting for me. Newer fantasy works like Harry Potter have made me completely disinterested in the fantasy genre. I tried really hard to read the Harry Potter books (mostly because i had like that kind of thing before), and i could not get into it. I still enjoy the classic books that I have read that are fantasy, but i cannot get into any of the new stuff.

I'm excited to see how different directors will portray the classic fantasy books that I've loved so much. I have to wonder though, why it is that i fell out of love with fantasy as I've gotten older? I'd like to think that i have just as big as an imagination as i did when i was a kid, so what is it that makes me so disinterested in fantasy works now? I think the thing that pulls me away from fantasy now is how detailed the stories can be. I think it may be just that i don't have as much time as i would like to put into reading a fantasy novel and actually liking it. I just think that it's interesting how I could love a genre so much when i was a kid, and not like it so much now.

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