Friday, November 27, 2009

Video Games

I never really got into Video Games partly because my mom is totally against video games therefore when I was younger they weren't in my house or really apart of my life for that matter. The only time i was ever exposed to video games was when i went to my friends house and they would be playing Xbox or playstation or whatever was popular at that time. I never played because the controlers were intimidating and confusing to me who has never played, plus i was terrible at it, having no idea what i was doing or what the point of it was. To this day i dont play video games all though when i go to friends i understand the wii, and guitar hero which i do play, not well but i play.

After watching Second Skin i dont think that video games are a healthy way to spend your time, unless you are aware of how much time you do spend playing them because they suck you right in, and will take over your life. I'm not into the whole shooting killing people i am one of those people that think the violence in video games is over the top, and parents should take the ratings on them much more seriously, but that is more the parents fault then the video game makers. Second skin i thought was pretty pointless unless you were trying to promote anti-video games which i dont think it was ment to do. it really pointed out the worst, and wierdness in people. and how it really takes over peoples lives. i could understand playing a little now and then but the people on the movie were addictded. I think that movie totally defeated its purpose of being made.

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