Friday, December 18, 2009

8 bit music

While many people have stopped using their old gaming systems like the Sega Genesis, the original game boy A group of hard core gamers have created a new way of using the old technology. By writing a few programs they now use them to create music. But instead of using notes the use the 8-bit sound effects of the games from the counsel. So instead of hearing a d note you may hear the achieved item sound from one of the legend of Zelda games.
These performers create their music by downloading programs and putting them on chips that they then put into their counsel. Once they have the program they can create loops by steaming together sounds and eventually create a whole song.
While the community is still a very small one they do manage to get together and share their music with each other. There is a monthly 8-bit music festival held in New York City called Pulse wave where 8-bit musicians are able to perform, they are also usually accompanied by someone who creates a visual show (usually on a lap top) that gets projected on a screen behind the performers while they are playing.

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