Sunday, December 6, 2009

science fiction is apon us

Well science fiction always seems to be a controversial area for some reason. When I think science fiction I think of giant ants or people that are attacking some poor city. Also for whatever reason I can only picture this happening in a black and white film. Aliens covered in tin foil and silver paint stepping out of a crappy looking “UFO”. I was just watching the movie Men in Black and it sparked in my head that this was a modern day portrayal of this. Although in my opinion the special effects have come a long way since the old black and white days. In the movie though the aliens were huge bugs and the UFO’s were just simple looking saucers. These were pretty much the same idea as before. Of course they had all the high tech gadgets and gizmos, futuristic guns drew my attention and just like I did when I saw the movie a long time ago I got a goofy smile on my face and wished I could have one of those bad boys.
The definition of science fiction is that it is different than fantasy because the stuff that occurs seems as if it is possible with the advancement of technology/ science. So realistically I do not see why it would be weird to be in contact with aliens if we are not already.
Some technologies that I have noticed in my lifetime were thought to be futuristic and science fiction of past generations. The technologies would be navigation, GPS, the internet, satellites (going way back when), easy space travel, the computer/ pc, and even some robots.
Who knows what the future holds for us here on earth, or what the next science fiction gadget ends up in the hands of a regular person for everyday use. Maybe even in the next few generations’ space trips will not be any more than purchasing a plane ticket. Who knows?

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