Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fantasy, Personal Experience with LotR

Since I didn't approve of Armitt's book, and everyone has already probably written enough about it. I think I will just share my personal experience with Lord of the Rings. I began reading the series, starting with The Hobbit, in the 5th grade. It was a fad for some reason, like yo-yo's and pokemon cards. A strange fad, but definitely one of the more positive ones as a middle schooler.

I was absolutely hooked on The Hobbit. This made me excited to continue on in the series, and read the other 3 books. However, I struggled reading Fellowship of the Ring. I thought it to be dry at points, too many characters, and just not page-turning enough to keep my attention. I couldn't understand why, and I still don't to this day. Perhaps it was my age or reading level of only being a 5th grader. The books aren't difficult reads but that is still perhaps difficult for a 5th grader. So I never made it all the way through Fellowship of the Ring as a middle schooler, and put the books down for several years. Although I didn't finish them, it inspired my brother to read them (who is ten years older than myself) and he thoroughly enjoyed them. So even if I didn't enjoy them myself, atleast I got someone else to!

I began rereading the series in about 10th grade, and have read them several times since then. Although I have only read the two towers and return of the king once, I still enjoyed them when I worked through them at a more mature reading level. The Fellowship of the Ring is my all-time favorite of the series, and I did enjoy reading it again for this class.

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