Thursday, December 17, 2009

Television and Internet

Television has been the dominant form of entertainment for several years. Probably starting in the 1950's, the popular family activity to do together was watch TV. Prior to this was the radio, but both of these media were enjoyed by groups of people. I believe that in our generation this is changing. Mostly 80's babies are engulfed in the internet. My Father and I have constantly had this ongoing argument about this. He will be sitting in the living room and I will be on my computer. He will yell to me to tell me to come watch TV with him, but I will be on my computer! Then this argument begins, he asks me why I am on my computer so much, but I just simply reply, "Why do you watch so much television?" It is a conflict of what generations consider to be their norm part of entertainment and leisure. He gets his enjoyment out of watching television, which I think is absurd, and I get my enjoyment out of being on my computer, and he believes that is absurd. Its a stalemate between generations.

Lotz notion of television being revolutionized I believe is already coming true. It is apparent in the above example between my father and I. Humans are becoming more familiar with their technology, and the computer can offer a lot more hands on entertainment than the television. I can surf the internet, listen to music, play games, read news, watch television, watch movies, whatever I want to do. This makes my television look obsolete! Now just to convince my father of this...

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