Friday, December 18, 2009

Gaming Addiction

As shown in the documentary, Second Skin video games have become very appealing to many Americans. One of the biggest appeals as mentioned very frequently is the idea of taking on a new identity and becoming someone else in another world. Through this, they are free of their insecurities and flaws that they face in their everyday lives. This aspect has led to many addictions causing individuals to withdrawal from their jobs, families, friends etc. to be consumed by this virtual world. There are individuals who have spent over $8,000 on video games and systems.
However, there are thousands of individuals who partake in playing video games as a leisurely activity that they limit to only a few hours a day. So how do video games manage to consume certain individuals so much more than others?
I believe it has to do with the individual themselves. Typically, those who become intensely consumed by video games often shared many similar characteristics. These individuals often have a poor self-concept or have some sort of major issue in their life that they are having difficulty resolving. To compensate, they dwell in this virtual world where they are able to take on a new identity and have full control of who they are and the world around them. They are immune to any harm that takes place. In a way, they become immortal, for if their character is terminated, they can simply start over again.
In addition, these individuals may also have a predisposition that causes them to become more vulnerable to addictions. However, I feel that the more stability an individual finds in their life and the world around them, and the greater the individual’s ability is to address and resolve personal issues, the less likely they are to become a “gaming addict”.

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