Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am a movie buff and really love watching them. I think that it is important to have good movies out there to give people something to do. There are some things that I have seen a trend in with the recent movies. Most of the movies out are either a remake of a book or a sequel to a movie. There are more movies out now that are a remake of a book then I know what to do with. The Blind Side is a book, Twilight, Dear John all books. Marley and Me, Harry Potter both just came out on DVD and they are books as well.
There are also movies that are either remakes of another movie or are a sequel to another book. There are an ungodly amount of SAW movies. They just keep making them and much to my dismay. I think they get worse the more they make. I thought the plot line was good when it started and then it just went way down hill. There are also movies like The Christmas Carol that was recently made into another movie. It is now a 3-D movie. They just keep making this movie and it is always a different take but that doesn’t mean that it is a good one. I think that they should just leave some movies alone. They also redid Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They made it much freakier. There has been a rash in these kind of movies and it makes me wonder if they just can’t come up with movies on their own.
I wonder if they make movies like this because they simply cannot find ideas to make movies of their own. I don’t like this at all. I think that when they make books into movies it ruins the book sometimes. It also is never as good as the book. They usually leave out part of the book and it is never how each reader believes it should be. They would be further ahead coming up with something different and making a movie of that. They need to be original and give us something different. I don’t want to go to the movies and see all the books I have read in movie form. Mainly because most of the time they are terrible remakes of the books. I also don’t want to see these poorly adapted movies. I love books the way they are and go to the movies to see something different.
When they make remakes upon remakes they are really drilling their movies into the ground. They just don’t know when to stop. The SAW movies are a great example of this. They were just out of control with sequels. There is no reason to have that many especially after it seems that he plot has ended you can see that it is coming out with yet another. It is just too much. Even the Spider Man movies were basically done after the second one. We were all gung ho for it but now we are not. They need to learn to not do this to movies that are good.
I want producers to realize that we want something new and different. We don’t want what we can get every time we go to the book store.

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