Monday, December 7, 2009

tv evolution-->not revolution!!

The television is being “revolutionized”? Yes its changing but I do not see anything wrong with that. It is really more like “evolutionized” for the better. Did anybody actually like being a caveman? Most likely not, what happens to the television in the future is only to make it better for the consumer and TV enthusiast. Having 24/7, nonstop, hundreds of channels at our disposal are a great feeling. As far as the actual television sets themselves, it is great how they are getting more and more realistic. At home I have the cable box with all the movie channels and the on demand channels as well. It is great I come home turn it on and can view all the programs from the TV guide menu, this is a plus so I do not have to watch the channel that scrolls through them all. If I don’t see anything I like I go to the on demand and pick something I like. For instance today I could not find anything so I turned on the Sopranos series.
All of this does come at a cost however. Our cable bill is outrageous, something like $150 a month or more. Our television is a big LCD flat screen. Realistically this is not the most expensive set up out there but it still is not cheap. You can easily spend thousands on home entertainment by the time you get done with the TV. That is not mentioning the surround sound, DVD/CD/satellite radio hook ups. In my opinion though it is necessary, when you want to sit down after a long day at work why not indulge yourself in a 50” screen that you can lose yourself in for a few hours. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable to watch a movie at night in high quality on the big screen, not having to squint and guess what is going on in the movie.
One last thing that I wanted to touch down on was the DVR or TiVo devices. Holy crap I could not live without one, well I could but I do not want to. They really do make television a lot better. If I see a show that I want to watch but will be busy during it, boom, it is recorded. You really do not have to live around the shows anymore, if you need to leave the TV for a second, pause, do what you need and press play again.
That is it, TV in my opinion is getting better and evolutionizing into something great. I cannot wait to see what the TV’s are in ten years from now.

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