Friday, December 18, 2009


I dont know about you but when i was a younger kid i had a Sega Genesis and it was AWESOME! i used to watch my brother play it all the time and i would always want to play but he would never let me. so finally when he was done playing his game i would want to play but i was always so bad at it that i got frustrated and stopped playing. i remember that i usd to watch my brother play for a long time and then when it was my turn i wouldn't want to play anymore because i was so bad at it. after a while i got better but it's just one of those things you secretly enjoy watching someone else play video games. I will always remember the coming out of new consoles and we didn't have the money to ever get the latest one so we would play with our friends. The games from the 90's were honestly the best ones. James Bond 007 and Golden eye were the amazing for N64 When PS came out we would play Tony Hawk and Dave Mirra. Again my brother was always better than me and would beat me at the games so he got bored easily and never wanted to play. My friend and I would always want to play but boys didn't want to play with girls so when it was our turn we would turn on like 10 min games and see who could get the most points after ten mins. we played so long one day that we got dizzy. it was the greatest times. Now they have video games that are hand held and you can play on your ipods and cell phones and PSP's it is so amazing to see the development of the games over time. from the one console we owned to being able to play in your hands constantly is just incredible it often makes me think what kind of games will they think of next? Virtual ones? that would be Awesome.

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