Sunday, December 6, 2009

video games old v new/simple v complex

Video games are still a new genre in the world. They just have not been around for a long time, still under 50 years I think. Personally I am not a big gamer; mostly I play off and on throughout the years. Even with that though I have accumulated several gaming consoles over the years, they consist of Super Nintendo, N64, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy color, Playstation 2, PSP (Playstation Portable), and my latest the Playstation 3.
I find it fun to play the old school games like Diddy Kong racing, Super Mario Bros, and Mario Kart. During the holidays some friends and I will get together and play Mario Kart and such a friendly game that it is, it sure does get heated when people start losing and using the different “weapons” that are allowed.
These new games are very complicated now a day. The old ones were in the sense light and fluffy compared to the new heavy, dark and filled with death and killing. Some other thing that I have noticed with these new games is that they are mainly one player games unless you are playing on the internet, very in depth with detail yet still you can beat the game in a timely manner, and also that once you have beaten a game you rarely go back and play it again.
Our culture has made this video game culture an expensive one. When a new system comes out they cost $500 and are extremely hard to get. Also with these new systems they want you to buy these gargantuan TVs that also cost a bundle, but this is all for the ultimate gaming experience. Back in the day we just hooked it up through the cable and we were happy to be able to see it on the screen. Now it’s all about being able to see the sweat drip off the characters face while in game play. This genre is getting nuts and I sort of like it.

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