Friday, December 18, 2009


Mom would complain about one of my favorite television shows , " Those women are sluts" ... in a few or more words. Needless to say I have never watched it with her and went to the movie without her. Some say that our society is materialistic and shallow, that are values are way off and that this show and the movie is evidence. I beg to differ and here is why:

I think that it is important to look at the characters and the writing of Sex in the City to see that the characters and their lives are what draw us in and keep us watching, and NOT the materialistic element of the show.

The show offers women four characters, all very different ( and sure somewhat sterotypical) but individuals in their own right. These characters give the viewers someone to connect with,
a woman that may understand them, or perhaps someone to look up to, or to look at and say, " I used to do that". My friends and I used to pick which character suited us more and we'd "be" that person in our group. I guess you can only really understand that one if you are a fan, ( yeah, I am an adult who still pretends- proud of it). The show touches on realistic subjects and gives it to you straight forward, no shame, like it is, raw. These are all modern women who are examples of the progress women have made but also point out the problems that still arise in being a women.

The humor and ridiculousness along with the clothing and the extravagance of it all keeps it entertaining. Its entertainment. Not every show can be Roseanne ( also a great show). I would not say that it is not a negative reflection of our values because if you pay attention to any of the story lines or the characters you would see that there is a great amount of depth and excellent writing that goes behind the aesthetics of the show. It is in no way vapid or lacking quality or depth such as you see in much of television.

For one to think that this show is superficial and surface suggests to me that they might want to reflect on themselves because they may be themselves not looking below the surface.

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