Friday, December 18, 2009

Comic Books

Comic books have been looked at for years as the Nerdy, dorky and for losers who have no lives and live in fictional action figures. But comics can actually be looked at as a form of art. Every piece of art has a story and comic books surprisingly tell as story. With a few pictures and even fewer words a comic book is just like a piece of art because it can be open to interpretation at some points. some of the picture boxes are left with out words for you to fill in what happens with your imagination. Comic books are a big hit in Asian countries with the use of manga. though most comic books are about superhero's who fight evil villans they also tell interesting storys just like any other book or novel only using pictures and less words. Comic books like some regular novels have series that follow a certain character or a certain place or event. Comics can also become rare when they are in limited print or when they are the first of a tremendous series. For example the first Batman comic came out in 1940 and as of November 2009 has had 693 issues. if someone were to collect all of the issues and keep them in mint condition they may be worth Millions of dollars someday.

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