Monday, December 21, 2009

Pullman's Dust

God made man out of dust, and in Pullman's trilogy dust is a sentient matter associated with sin.The trilogy revolves around dust, and according to the Bible it all started with dust. So what is the connection? I wanted there to be a connection so badly but there is a problem. In Lyra's world, dust is almost seen as an evil matter, something that encircles those who have sinned. In the Bible it is the matter that essentially made life possible, so why is there such a drastic dichotemy? Is Pullman trying to say that everything is complicated, and drawing black and white lines may be difficult? In the second book, Lyra communicates with dust, making the matter seem humanlike, or humans to become, or humans that already were. I just wanted to throw the comparison out there and hopefully get a few bites.

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