Friday, December 18, 2009

The Twilight Saga thingy

I never have ever read the books, or seen either of the movies. I know that you might be wondering, "well then what are you doing? You don't have any business writing about Twilight" ( especially if you are a fan). And well you might be right.
I'm curious though. Curious as to what the allure is? I don't have a television and when I have watched television recently and have heard allllll about the main characters: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. All over magazines, their mugs grace the pages, everyone is going ga-ga over these two. Are they a couple? Aren't they? How did they fall in love? Oh, Kristen Stewart cut her hair.... and so on...
I'm wondering, the publicity and the media focusing in on them...
Is it helping with the sales? Is that why the movies are so good, because of this saga betweent the couple in real life?
I'm personally trying not to give in to this advertising but I find myself alllll of the sudden wanting to see these movies and read the books. Looks like it's working. Especially since one of my favorite band is on the soundtrack and this video makes the movie look reeeaallly good:

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