Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lady Gaga now "Lady Saga"

Who would have thought that the winner of the 2009 "best new artist award" would land her face on a comic book cover? Not me. I cannot consider myself a fan of Lady Gaga, but I was absolutely surprised after seeing sketches on Google news of the newest comic book to unfold in American culture, "Lady Saga." Well, believe it or not...it's certainly happening; the bleach blonde, scandalous singer has managed to take it to the next genre outside of her risque dancing and sex appeal.

Brian Einersen, an artist who focuses on the concepts of pop culture and fashion, has created the comic book character and supposed "heroine". Although the character was originally created in June 2009, the book has just begun selling exclusively at Marc Jacob stores across the nation. According to Brian Einersen's official site, the "Lady Saga" comic series is available in three colors: baby blue, youthful yellow, and octo-mom orange (what a color, can I get that to paint my living room?). Not totally sure why Einersen chose these particular colors; if I were imagining a Lady Gaga comic strip, it would be anything but ordinary.

After viewing the comic sketches that Einersen has posted on his website, I was really surprised that this comic book was being sold in the first place and especially surprised that i
t made it's way to the shelves of the Marc Jacob's stores. Here's the comics for your own viewing pleasures-

Now I can't say that I'd be particularly thrilled if I were Lady Gaga, because this comic book seems to be a poor representation of the singer's true attributes...say for example this beautiful hair she has pictured below:

But, whether we appreciate this new comic or not, I don't think it's going to have much of an effect on the singers outrageous album sales or her top chart ratings. What I do think is interesting is to see the overlap in the comic book/fashion industry in the last few months. Also in 2009, Tim Gunn, the "Project Runway" star was turned into a full blown iron man in a series called "Models, Inc." Can't say that I would run out to get a copy of this book myself, but it would be interesting to see how a fashion icon can go from a black suit and tie to a bulky, muscular iron man; especially Tim Gunn. In all reality, I can't picture this fashion consultant battling off Batman or Clark Kent.

I think it is interesting to see where comic book company's such as Marvel are spending their money now a days. For me, I would rather read the modern comics and steer clear of fashion icons pretending to be hero's while really just increasing their income by millions over yet another fad. However, maybe this is what the comic industry needs to get itself fired up. But honestly in all reality, do people truly want to see Lady Gaga as a heroine? Do people want to spend their time picturing the professional tailor Tim Gunn as the world's next Batman?
I really hope this is not where the industry is heading. Although comic book sales have seemed to decrease, I certainly hope that "Lady Saga" and "Models Inc." are not the reconstructing titles of our era.

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