Friday, December 18, 2009

Donaldson Is Awesome OR I Can Be Sarcastic Too!

Someone farther down the page said that Hope is the most dangerous thing in the world to Thomas Covenant. I'm inclined to agree, but only in that it's dangerous to the abomination of a human being that he is throughout the trilogy.

Hope is generally considered to be a positive thing, right? We know things are bad in The Lord of the Rings because they say every other page that there's no hope. Unless "there's no hope" or "things are hopeless" is the new way of saying that everything's awesome. Hmm. Note to self, new party line: "Yo, this party's HOPELESS!" I'll be really, really popular!

Covenant turns into a slightly better human being at the end of the third book. Yeah. It takes three whole books for him to become a slightly better human being. Err, wait. No. It took him two books, passing the hell out twice, and beating the same Dark Lord twice for him to become a slightly decent guy enough to save that little girl. He then promptly passes the hell out, beats the Dark Lord a third time, and wakes up and suddenly everything's slightly better.

I wish all the douchebags in the world stopped being douchey after being knocked out a couple of times. It could make a whole new profession: doucheknocker.

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