Friday, December 18, 2009

Brian K Vaughn

Brian K Vaughn is awesome. I’m just putting this out there. And if anyone wanted to start reading any comic books, but didn’t want to go the typical superhero route I would most definitely suggest picking up some of his work.
I was first introduces to him when in 8th grade I picked up a copy of Runaways, witch tells the story of 6 teenagers who realize that their parents are in a group of super villains, after witnessing them murder a girl, they then as the title suggest runaway. I became instantly hooked not just because the storyline was interesting, but also because all of the characters were so well done. In the first few pages you get individually introduced to all the teens and their parents, and in about just a page for each of them you get a good grasp on each of their unique personalities and instantly begin to like them (well maybe only some of them). It was refreshing to see new characters and fallow them from the very beginning. And they don’t instantly become some well-oiled machine, especially during the early days you see the kid’s mess up due to their inexperience, and often have problems living with each other. Also one of the characters has a pet telepathic dinosaur and that is pretty awesome.
Another series that he has done that is also amazing, but in a completely different way is Y: The Last Man. In this series one day all of the male species one earth die except for Yorick Brown, and his pet monkey Ampersand. You fallow Yorick as he travels through the United States trying to get to his girlfriend in Australia, while being fallowed by a pack of women who want to kill him. Again it is incredibly well written, but has a much more serious tone than that of Runaways.
So if anyone was looking for a way to get into reading comics I would highly recommend picking up some of his stuff.

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