Sunday, December 13, 2009

Film Studies

My interpretation of the film studies novel is very generic compared to any other. I believe that this book by Amy Villarejo clearly states the inner workings and extensive history of film. Starting with the first film makers in the late 1800's to the films of the very beginning of the twenty-first century, this book gives every piece of information involving the history and workings of film making camera angles and shots and even the simplest elements of color and sound. The reason I've found this book so interesting is that it compares the language of film to the simple language books in a fascinating way. She relates the smallest piece of film such as shots and scenes to sentences and paragraphs. In a way that makes the languages of film and writing seem identical. Just like a novel, Villarejo states that a film in any sense is just like a novel with an unfolding story. I personally feel that Amy Villarejo does an excellent job of laying out the essence of film studies in a very simpistic way.

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