Friday, December 18, 2009

Donaldson Post

Well, what can I say, much like almost everyone else in the class I was not a huge fan of Steven Donaldson's series. I tried my best to keep a positive outlook on the series as we read and discussed it, because I thought maybe this was the style of the make a character so despicable and unlikeable that no one wants to continue reading but at the same time you keep reading because you hope he will change.
But that idea went out the window about halfway through the second book and I became more interested in what happened to the other characters and the land in the story than the main character.
Donaldson's style of writing just really annoyed me with the way he kept repeating phrases and cussing in places that weren't necessary. The fact that he started the series off with the main character raping one of the other main characters doesn't leave a great impression on the reader either. But I also hated how he kept killing off the best characters in the book.
On a more positive note, I thought it was super funny how in class we were discussing in our groups that it had to be all a dream state and that Covenant was going to wake up at the end and how much everyone hated those kinds of series. Well, what did Donaldson do, he wrote not one dream ending, but three dream endings in which Donaldson woke up from the dream and left the world or entered the world through a dream state. It was rather comical to watch the class get so heated over his writings.
Perhaps, even though he claims to be such a great writer and claims to take his writings from others, he really just enjoys writing works that make controversy and initiate a discussion among readers?
I don't know Donaldson's real purpose for writing the way he did in his series, but I definitely did not enjoy it and will not be keeping it.

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