Friday, December 18, 2009


After our debate in ENGL 208 regarding the "death" vs. the "revolution" of television, I have truly thought about which I think will happen in the future. Although I think that the internet is becoming the newest fad, I don't think that TV will ever truly die. I guess my main reason for coming to this consensus would be the idea that TV promotes "family time". Even though some families may not sit down in front of a TV together, ultimately the TV and the living room in general is a place for people to gather and relax. When thinking about the internet and computers under the same lens, I feel that using the internet to watch TV would just not be comfortable or relaxing. How easy is it to just turn on your TV and watch a show? With the internet, you first have to find out where your program is being streamed, then make it work on your computer. In my experience, I have never really been that good with computers, so this option of watching TV on a 17" computer screen would not be something I would enjoy.

Another reason why I think that TV will never die, is because over the years TV has only become better. If you think about "better" in connection with the actual television, look how far we have come. Back when I was in grammar school, I was watching television on a 12" screen. At the time I thought it was like the best thing ever, but now sitting in front of my 50" widescreen wall-hanging HD television, I can't believe I ever watched television on anything else. Plus, not only have tv's physically come a LONG way in the past ten years, but look at all the things that have been offered on television. When turning on the TV, I think I have over 1000 channels that I can pick from. Even though sometimes this option is extremely annoying, I do love have endless choices of television programming to choose from.

In all reality, I don't think TV will ever "die". In class we talked about the radio, and I feel that if anything TV will just be a second option to watching your shows kind of like the radio has become to TV and the internet. For me, the internet just isn't feasible for watching television, although its possible to get pretty much anything you want on the internet with the click of a button, I can really do the same exact thing on my television using the "on demand" options and the various other things that Time Warner Cable now offers. So, in my opinion, I don't think that TV will ever die, it might take a backseat to the internet someday, but for the most part I think a lot of Americans enjoy the easiness of television and the relaxation that comes with it.

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