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What happens when cartoons and comics collide? Kablam was one of the biggest developments in comic book history. You can avoid the papercuts and watch live animation. Nickelodean came out in 1996 and ran until 2001. It was displayed as a collection of short films. Characters Henry and June appeared in season one as the hosts of the show. Henry is energetic and believes himself to look good shirtless. He has the stereotypical, male, egotistical characterization. June, is more laid back as a host. She laughs at Henry's foolish nature, as his ego is weighing on him, June watches him stumble and fall.

Turns out that there was a show entitled the Henry and June show. Kablam was a spinoff of it. This show was highly controversial because it went places cartoons were told not to go. It used plenty of suggestion language and crude humor. Many of the episodes were even banned. Network television would not play them, as they were so corrupt for the youth. Some of the shorts are as follows.

Sniz and Fondue was a short that involved a pair of ferret brothers who often got on each other's nerves. This allowed for fight scenes between the two. Sniz, is younger than his older brother Fondue. Therefore, he has the tendency to be hyperactive and the troublemaker of the pair. The older brother is less nervous and more intelligent. Sniz usually attempts to scheme or pull a prank on Fondue. Fondue allows gets away.

Action League Now was one of the more popular shorts on the television series. It aired towards Kablam's end in 2001 and set if off with a big bang. This group involved a collaboration of superheroes who are played by custom-made and actual action figures. The irony is that these characters have a great deal of stupidity. They attempt to fight crime in their suburbia, but do not do well in their attempts. The four superheroes are The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky Diver, and Meltman.

At last, Life With Loopy aired in season one and ran until season 4. Loopy was a 12 year old , imaginative girl with a knack for discovering the undiscovered. Her parents seem to look and act like that of parents during the 1950s era. Loopy decided that she was not like her parents. While you do not see her parents often on the short, you pick up on the fact that her parents did not pay too much attention to her and her brother. They were busy in their own world. Loopy decided she would take this as an opportunity to go on adventures with her imagination.

Amongst all the shorts, the cartoons were satires of what American life and family was all about.

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