Thursday, December 3, 2009

Are There Original Ideas Anymore?

It seems to me that their is this trend that started within the last five years let's say that remaking popular movies of decades past is the thing to do.

I'm sure one of the reasons behind this is to see if movie studios can once again incite the excitement, the spark, popularity that the original had for a vehicle of financial gain. Come on, we aren't idiots. It's not to bring a story to a new generation that may not know about these stories. The thing that disgusts me though is just the sheer amount of movies that are getting remade. Many of these films, I have enjoyed the originals and cannot fathom the idea of why they have to remake something that was fine the time before. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Here is a very short list of movies that are currently being remade, are rumored, and/or are in production currently:

The Karate Kid
Red Dawn
Short Circuit
The Thing
Child's Play
Rosemary's Baby
Forbidden Planet
My Fair Lady
The Evil Dead
Conan the Barbarian
Nightmare of Elm Street
Clash of the Titans

My question is: WHY?!?! Why mess with classics? Is Hollywood running out of creative material? I highly doubt it. Yes, maybe the 20 screenplays a director sees on his desk each day aren't always the best material, however it still may be something original rather than recycling movie standards that no one wants you to touch.

I think Hollywood is trying to be too safe. They saw the success of these movies and figure that it would just generate that same success again with a newer version with the latest most-wanted actors and actresses and computer animation and other technologies that apparently make movies better. I personally prefer old school miniatures, camera effects and flying saucers on strings than a completely fake looking props ( I hated all the Star Wars episodes for that exact reason).

How long is it going to take people who enjoy movies to say they had enough? Maybe having all these remakes makes people think of better or easier times in a world of unemployment, recession and debt.

I know I have had enough.

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