Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remember that little Ol' Thing, WebTV?

Unfortunately, I do not posses the gift of forsight, nor do I try. That aside, I see pattern's in Western society that lead me to believe that TV is not dying. What is it I see, you ask? Well I see a greedy society that likes everything individually personalized, as if life is one big Coldstone Creamery. People don't want big packages of things that they don't need; we know what we want and want to mix and match as much as possible. So what I see is people making their own packages of Television programs.

However, my bold predictions don't stop here. I predict that there will be a reemergence of that silly gimmick of technology, WebTV. The original came out before its time, and before its idea could be made practical. What I see is interactive Television; we are becoming obsessed with the idea that we control or have input in things; from American Idol voting to the new fan vote for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. How can this be done more effectively, letting masses of people be heard, with ease? Fusing TV and the internet. The old Web TV was clunky and not practical for anything other than email. I think that there will be interactive things that pop up on the screen that you can click on to take you somewhere else to get behind-the-scenes exclusives instantly, on the TV. Also with the texting becoming a cultural norm, I think the remote will resemble a phone with each number on the remote corresponding to three letters of the alphabet. This will make surfing the internet much like using a Blackberry; You want to surf around somewhere, you just using the texting system to type. My hindsight may be much better than my foresight, but my gut tells me TV is here to stay, though it may be much different than what we know it to be today.

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